Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Multi-Sword Online and Doba Time are hosts to the seasonal Doba Time Online Tournament, or DTOT. This tournament is open to the public for participation and spectating. This event is hosted seasonally, with four tournaments in a calendar year. Check out the DTOT Forums for more information, and for free agents seeking a team for the tournament.

Note: There are currently no upcoming Doba Time Tournaments scheduled. You can keep updated on our Twitter for any announcements for future tournaments.

M-SO Tournament Rules:

The following are rules and procedures to be followed throughout all M-SO hosted Dota 2 tournaments:

  • All games will be played in Captains Mode.
  • In the event of a pause, the team in which initiated the pause is to resume the game.
  • Tournament games are to be created and managed by a M-SO staff member or M-SO designated representative. (Hereby referred to as M-SO Staff)
  • If a player disconnects and cannot reconnect, the game will be played in full and withstand all merit.
    • A team may pause the game during a disconnect as long as the missing player is attempting to return to the game.
  • In the event that there is a problem with the match, a M-SO Staff Member may force a game reset.
    • If the game's draft has occurred, the new match will be started in All-Pick. Players are to pick the same heroes as the previous match.
  • Low-bracket games are played on a "Best of 3" basis.
  • The tournament finals will be played on a "Best of 5" basis.
  • Tournament games are to be on a two minute Dota 2 TV delay. Cheats are to be disabled in Tournament games.
  • Only players, broadcasters, and M-SO Staff are permitted to join the game lobby. All others must watch through Dota 2 TV or Twitch TV. (If the tournament is being streamed.)
  • Teams are not permitted to watch the Twitch TV or Dota 2 TV stream of a game that they are currently playing in.
  • Teams are not allowed to receive any outside information in any way during a tournament game. Teams are permitted to use the M-SO Teamspeak 3 server for team communications. Encrypted communication channels will be provided. This is not required.
  • Starting team and team selection is to be determined by a custom application developed by Multi-Sword Online. You can download it hereto try it yourself. This application operates with a random number generator to provide unbiassed results.
    • If the specific game is being streamed, the "coin toss" will be broadcasted. Coin toss will begin 15 minutes before game time.
    • The application will provide us with the results of who gets to select if they want heads or tails. (Hereby referred to as to "call the toss")
    • The winner of the coin toss is given the choice to select who picks first, or to select their team. The losing team gains the other selection power.
    • Ex: Teams DOBA and SKELETON are playing. DOBA wins the coin toss. DOBA selects to pick first, so SKELETON gets to pick the Radiant team.
    • In the second game, the team which lost the original coin toss gets the choice to select who picks first, or to select their team. The other team gains the other selection power.
    • In the event that a game continues to game 3, a new coin toss is initiated, following the same rules as stated above.
      • The team that did not get to "call the toss" at the beginning of the match-up will receive this benefit in the second coin toss.
  • Teams are permitted to submit stand-ins to their team, however M-SO Staff must be alerted at least 30 minutes before the match in order to prepare for the changes.
    • Stand-ins must be registered with the team before the tournament begins.
  • If a team does not have 5 registered players available 15 minutes before the game's scheduled time, this team must forfeit the game.

Take a look at the official DTOT playlist on Spotify!