Tuesday, October 27, 2020


MSO's website is undergoing a redesign, and as such the information currently listed may not be up to date. Please excuse our mess!



  • Killing Floor 2

    Multi-Sword Online hosts a dedicated Killing Floor 2 Server. This server is open to the public, and runs 24 hours a day.

    • Server Name: Multi-Sword Online
    • Password: None
    • Gametype: Survival

    The current server map rotation is as follows:

    • Burning Paris
    • Bitoics Lab
    • Outpost
    • Volter Manor
    • Catacombs
    • Evacuation Point
    Note: The server is set up for map vote, so this rotation is only followed if no votes are submitted.
  • Space Engineers

    Space Engineers is a sandbox game set in space and the area's surrounding asteroids and planets. The game features an open-world environment in which players can build various functional structures. Multi-Sword Online hosts a 24/7 Space Engineers server, which is open to any players who are members of our Steam Group.

    In order to join our Space Engineers Server:

    • You MUST be a member of our steam group. The game will not accept your connection until you join our steam group. This group is open to the public. You may join by clicking here.
  • Teamspeak 3

    Teamspeak 3 is the retired voice platform for MSO. Teamspeak has recently been replaced with Discord, and we encourage you to join us in the transition. For the time being, MSO is still operating its Teamspeak 3 server fully, however you will likely notice a decrease in activity.

    You can connect to our Teamspeak server by downloading the client for your operating system at teamspeak.com/downloads, then entering the following information when prompted:

    • Server Address: voice.mso.gg
    • Nickname: Your In-Game Name
    • Server Password: Blank