Wednesday, August 12, 2020


MSO's website is undergoing a redesign, and as such the information currently listed may not be up to date. Please excuse our mess!



  • MoonQuest++

    MoonQuest++ is a custom Minecraft ModPack created by us for the members of MSO.  This ModPack contains over 50 mods for Minecraft.  

    This ModPack's development and Forums are maintained here at Multi-Sword Online.  For more information, visit the ModPack page.


    Installation Instructions:

    Download the Twitch App Here.

    Launch the Twitch App.

    Click "Mods"

    Click "Minecraft"

    Click "Browse Modpacks"

    Search for "Moonquest++"

    Click "Install":


    Click "Play"


    Special thanks to FeedbackFox for porting the pack to 1.12.2 and helping maintain the pack on the Twitch launcher.